Labels and Industrial Solutions

for the automotive industry, manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, pharmaceutical industry and healthcare, chemicals and laboratories, textile industry, retail and wholesale, food industry, electronics and IT industry, construction industry, and much more.

Improvement in quality control and tracking

Labels help in the detailed tracking and quality control of products throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Automation and process efficiency

The use of labels increases the automation and efficiency of work processes, saving time and reducing costs.

Support for identification and logistics

Labels facilitate product identification and streamline logistics, including storage and transportation.

Ensuring the environment and product protection

Labels help ensure proper conditions for storage and transport, protecting products from damage.

How we can help you

For efficient inventory tracking and management

Our company offers RFID chips and labels, as well as the relevant printers and readers. These products enable effective inventory tracking and management in various sectors, including logistics and industry.

Comprehensive labeling and RFID solutions that highlight your product and streamline your processes

Labels play a key role in our daily lives – they identify, inform, and differentiate. Our many years of experience and a wide range of products, from traditional labels to advanced RFID solutions, allow us to offer customized solutions for every customer. Whatever your need, together we will find the path to your satisfaction.

Our products and services


We offer a wide range of labels for various uses . . .


RFID labels, pallet tagging, and identification labels . . .

Functional elements

Double-sided tapes, conductive and shielding tapes . . .

Thermal transfer ribbons

Thermal transfer ribbons such as resin ribbons, wax ribbons . . .

Printers and accessories

Various types of label and card printers, code readers, . . .


We provide professional warranty and post-warranty service . . .

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