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We offer various types of printers for manufacturing, logistics, retail, and office use. The selection of the appropriate printer is adjusted to the customer’s individual needs based on the type of printing and performance. The wide range of printers available on the market allows you to choose the right device for specific applications.
We also offer unique/specialized software for creating and printing labels.

Thermal transfer printers:

Thermal transfer printers are used to print text, images, barcodes, and other graphic elements on various materials such as labels, tags, and other identification marks. Depending on the need, they can be equipped with integrated cutting tools, label dispensers, and other accessories.

In thermal transfer printing, heat is used to transfer the color from the thermal transfer ribbon onto the material to be printed.
Thermal transfer printers are suitable for printing both short-term and long-term labels, offering high print quality and resistance to external influences such as water, oils, and abrasion. These printers are widely used in industry, logistics, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing for labeling and identifying various products and devices. Their flexibility and high productivity make them popular across multiple sectors.

Advantages of thermal transfer printing:

  • Low operating costs
  • Ability to print various types of labels and markings
  • Printing barcodes and 2D codes
  • Print resolution: 200 dpi, 300 dpi, and 600 dpi
  • Various print widths according to individual needs
  • Easy to use
  • Applications in manufacturing, logistics, office, and administration…
  • Citizen, Toshiba, QuickLabel, Zebra, TSC

Color label printers:

Designed for printing color images, logos, texts, and other graphic elements on self-adhesive labels. They use inkjet or laser technology, allowing high-resolution label printing. These printers are designed for the needs of label production in various industries, such as food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, logistics, and many others. They can work with various label materials, including paper, polyethylene, polyester, and other self-adhesive materials. Color label printers are essential for businesses and operations that need to print their labels with color graphics and text for product labeling, packaging, or other supplies. Their use helps improve product presentation, increase their attractiveness and recognition, and allow for quick and efficient identification and tracking of products.

Card printers:

Card printers are specialized devices designed to print plastic cards, such as ID cards, membership cards, employee badges, and many more. These printers allow creating professional and individually designed cards with text, images, barcodes, photos, and other identification data. Basic features of card printers include high-resolution printing for clear and sharp graphics and the ability to personalize each card with unique data. Card printers are essential for businesses, institutions, and organizations that need to print their ID cards for employees, members, customers, or event participants. Their use allows creating professional cards with a high level of security and personal connection. They offer the ability to encode contact, contactless, and magnetic stripe cards.


Printer accessories can include various add-ons and devices that extend their functionality and allow more efficient use.
This printer accessory helps increase the efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of printing processes and label applications. When choosing accessories, it is important to consider the specific needs and requirements of the user and select quality and compatible devices that will suit their application.

Code readers:

A code reader is a device used to automatically read and decode various types of codes, such as 1D barcodes and 2D codes (e.g., QR code, DataMatrix, and others). These devices are important in many industries, including retail, logistics, industry, healthcare, and many others, where efficient identification and tracking of products, components, or shipments are necessary. Code readers can be of various types and configurations, including portable handheld devices, desktop readers, and integrated readers into automated systems.

Some readers can decode multiple types of codes, while others are specialized for specific types. Features that quality code readers should have include read speed, reliable and accurate identification, the ability to connect to various devices and systems, and the ability to work in different environments and conditions. Their role is to ensure efficient and accurate code reading to optimize identification, tracking, and inventory management processes.

Label rewinders:

A label rewinder is a device used to wind self-adhesive labels into a roll after printing. This device is very useful in situations where large quantities of labels need to be printed at once, as it allows for more efficient handling of labels and increases efficiency, productivity, and quality of the production process.

Label dispensers:

A label dispenser is a device that peels labels off the backing liner so that the operator (even working with protective gloves) can easily pick them up, facilitating the manual application of labels onto products. Label dispensers (feeders) are equipped with a sensor that ensures the release of the next label after the previous one is picked up. They are used in manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, office, and administration.

Handheld label applicators:

These are simple devices used for manually applying pre-printed self-adhesive labels to various surfaces, such as products, packaging, or other materials. These applicators are suitable for smaller operations or situations where large quantities of labels are not needed and automated devices would be uneconomical. Basic features include easy and quick use, low acquisition and operating costs, and flexibility for different types of labels and surfaces.

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