Warranty and post-warranty service

Express service and professional maintenance

Our company prioritizes the customer, which is why we offer top-notch warranty and post-warranty service for all products in our range. We believe that reliable service is the key to long-term customer satisfaction and ensures the smooth operation of our products.

Warranty service:
Our warranty service provides repairs and maintenance for products throughout the entire warranty period. We strive to address all claims quickly and efficiently to ensure your business is never unnecessarily interrupted.

Post-warranty service:
Even after the warranty period expires, we offer extensive service options. Our technicians are available for regular maintenance, repairs, and technical advice. We also provide the option to enter into service contracts, ensuring peace of mind and stability for your operations.

Our products and services


We offer a wide range of labels for various uses . . .


RFID labels, pallet tagging, and identification labels . . .

Functional elements

Double-sided tapes, conductive and shielding tapes . . .

Thermal transfer ribbons

Thermal transfer ribbons such as resin ribbons, wax ribbons . . .

Printers and accessories

Various types of label and card printers, code readers, . . .


We provide professional warranty and post-warranty service . . .

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